Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my package?
Fishing on first-class boats, (Captain, Decks hand, and Guide) including all baits and all tackles. Beer, soft drinks and lunch on fishing days.

How do we reserve a trip?
50% Deposit due within 10 days of reserving the date. Balance due 30 days prior to departure. We will hold a reservation on a VISA, MC, or AMEX. We observe a 48 hr/50% cancellation policy. 30 days prior to your arival the total amount has to cancelled either by wire transfer, paypal or VISA, MC, AMEX, Traveler's checks and even cash for payment.

What are the prices?
Apart from the Sea fighter ($750 per day, all included) each package and its options, with prices, can be found on the fishing boats webpage.

What is the best time of the year?
SEASON: The combination of trade winds and coincident currents cause the upwelling of nutrients from January through June and attract huge schools of baitfish that, in turn, are prey for great numbers of billfish, particularly Blue Marlin which peak from February through May. White Marlin and Sailfish abound during May to November, peaking from August through October, generally the fishing is excellent all year around.

Are children welcome aboard?
We love children and Sea Fighter’s cockpit area is a secure place for small children to learn fishing. Sea conditions, the type of trip, the child’s personality and the parent’s willingness to focus on the child’s safety as well as fish are factors that you need to consider. The Captain and the crews’s job will be to provide you with a safe fun fishing adventure. We cannot be babysitters. The Captain rules (i.e. limiting access to the bridge area) must be followed.

How to get there and what about accommodation?
GETTING THERE: Your adventure begins with arrival at Caracas International Airport. After clearing customs, As an option you can require a transfer including airport assistance (our representative will wait for with a banner with you name on it and transfer you to your hotel, about 20 minutes away), the price is $30 per couple. The Marina Caraballeda is close to the different hotels, making all good time and convenient fishing days.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We recommend you to stay at the Hotel Ole Caribe***** (around $138 for a double room) or the hotel Macuto*** (around $60 for a double room). These hotels are convenient to the Caracas International Airport and the Marina Caraballeda, where your fishing boat is waiting for you.

Are Meals included?
MEALS: Meals are not included in the package, except lunch while fishing. A variety of dining options are available at the hotel and some excellent nearby restaurants.

What can I expect for meals and what kind of water is use?
Great local Food
A typical breakfast consists of Eggs, Bacon or Ham, Pancakes, Toast or Tortillas, Orange Juice and Coffee. Lunch consists of Homemade Soups, Steaks, Fried Fish, Potatoes, Chicken or Venezuelan Beef, Spaghetti, Re-Fried Beans and Rice etc. Dinner is served starting with Hors d’oeuvres, Margaritas, Beer, or your favorite Soft Drink, Soup, Steaks or Grilled Shrimp, Filet Mignon, Fried Potatoes or choose the Venezuelan Plate with Beans and Rice.
Finish off with any assortment of varied Desserts from Flan (Venezuelan Custard) to Cake or Pie.

Bottled Water and Pure Ice is always used, whether it is in the cooler, in the boat or in your room.


How is the weather in Venezuela?
WEATHER: Daytime temperatures typically range from 80-100 during the day, but typically cool down to the 70s in the evening. Heavy tropical downpours can occur in the "rain season" but it usually only last a short while. Humidity in the tropics can play havoc with cameras or other electronic devices.

How is the weather in Venezuela right now!

How much do I tip, who do I tip and when?
These are guidelines and are typically the minimum standard. Guides normally are tipped $10.00 per fisherman ($20.00 per day, per boat) and it’s best to wait until the last day of fishing to tip your guide.

Are there any non fishing activities?
NON-FISHING ACTIVITIES: Sightseeing, shopping, swimming or relaxing by pool or a night out in Caracas or in the town of Caraballeda in case you would like to combine your fishing trip with another destination in venezuela have a look at the Venezuela destinations.

OPTIONS: Depending on time of year and space availability, you may be able to combine bill fishing with one of our other fishing trips in Venezuela. Bone fishing in Los Roques.

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